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60 mL
Nicotine: 0mg/3mg/6mg/12mg


  • All Melon - honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and watermelon… the melon trinity

  • American Patriots - the bold flavor of the American tobacco leaf

  • Apple Menthol - a sweet apple flavor with a chilling menthol exhale

  • Azul Berries - a smooth and creamy flavor with a punch of ripe blueberries

  • Berry Lush - a blend of pineapples and strawberries covered in whipped cream

  • Berry Menthol - blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and a chilling hint of honey

  • Cuban Blend - a medium flavor with a balanced selection of Cuba’s finest tobacco

  • Euro Gold - a mild and sweet tobacco flavor with a hint of honey

  • Go Nanas - let your tastebuds swing the vines with this banana flavored cloud

  • Green Blast - a sweet and tart green apple flavor

  • Green Lemon - a sweet green apple candy flavor with a citrus kick

  • Hawaiian Pog - a popular juice that consists of passion fruit, orange, and guava

  • Lava Flow - a blend of fresh strawberries, exotic coconut, and tropical pineapple

  • Mango - fresh mango, peaches, and cream blended into a smoothie

  • Mango Ice - the same great mango flavor with a minty finish

  • Maui Sun - pineapple balanced with citrusy orange and tangerine notes 

  • Melon Kiwi -  succulent honeydew melons, green apples, kiwi, and cream

  • Melon Menthol - sweet melons with a minty kick of menthol

  • Peach - a delicious peach flavor with accents of mangos and apricots

  • Polar Breeze - a smooth, creamy inhale with a cool and sweet pineapple exhale

  • Really Berry - ripe blueberries, blackberries, and a touch of sugared lemon

  • Straw Lime - a strawberry sour belt concoction balanced with a hint of citrus lime

  • Strawberry Cream - ripened mouth watering strawberries with a creamy finish

  • Strawberry Fusion - sweet and juicy strawberry flavor

  • Strawberry Pomegranate - strawberry, kiwi, and juicy pomegranate with a refreshing menthol chill

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