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30 mL


Nicotine: 28mg/48mg

  • Butter Cookie - A freshly baked butter cookie, soft and warm from the oven! The buttery smoothness is wonderfully present, along with a sweet dessert flavor.

  • Blue Jam Cookie - A cloud of soft and chewy cookies with a warm blueberry jelly center! Feast on a warm and buttery dessert that promises to send your vape taste buds reeling into sweet and delicious clouds!

  • Custard Cookie - Enjoy a smooth and creamy custard flavor in the inhale, thick and sweet. Then surrender to the warm and soft sweetness of a freshly baked cookie on the exhale!

  • Key Lime Cookie - A slice of key lime pie, cut up into bite-sized pieces and stuffed into the center of a soft cookie! Seize your sweet-tooth cravings and stuff your face with delicious pie, tangy key lime, and rich cookie flavor in every cloud!

  • Pumpkin Cookie - A flavor of cinnamon, cookie, pie, and pumpkin all in a single cloud! Sink your teeth deep into the center of a freshly baked cookie, flavored with smooth

  • pumpkin goodness.

  • Strawberry Jam Cookie - This ejuice has the flavor of strawberry jam and freshly baked cookie. When you vape this eliquid, it is the taste of the freshly baked cookie flavor that comes alive. And when you exhale, it is the taste of the sweet strawberry jam flavor that becomes pronounced.

  • Shamrock Cookie - a sweet and minty shamrock flavored shake with a freshly baked sugar cookie mashed into the shake.

  • Unicorn Tears - A tart and fruity cookie, produced by the tears of a magical unicorn! The smooth and creamy flavor of freshly baked cookies is sweetened with a mysterious blend of sweet and savory fruits.

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