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30 mL

60PG / 40VG

Nicotine: 48mg


  • Blu Nom Enon - a tart and sweet blueberry candy flavor

  • Cactus Jack Fruit Mandarin - sweet cactus fruit, savory jackfruit and tart citrus notes of mandarin orange

  • Cherry Lime Ginger - fresh cherry, zesty lime and bright ginger flavors

  • Grape Nom Enon - a sweet and sour grape candy flavor

  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine - tangy kiwi, luscious passion fruit and ripe, juicy nectarine

  • Lemo Nom Enon - a sugary and tart lemon hard candy flavor

  • Phe Nom Enon - a mystery flavor that is juicy and fruity with tropical notes 

  • Wata Nom Enon - a classic watermelon candy that is packed with flavor

  • White Peach Raspberry - a candied white peach flavor with a tart raspberry finish

UPDATED: 2/21/23

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